General Design

    « Body » player-controller
    « Neck » mixer+EQ
    « Strap Locks » – Gold Security

    You have everything to control the sound and move easally on stage

    Dimensions and weight

    Dimension: 55cm x 31cm x 7cm.
    Weight: 3,9kg.

    The control of the Swing is easy and not exhausting

    Audio Standard

    High Audio Quality 44,1 kHz – 24bits
    Wav – (16bits), mp3 (8 to 320Kbps)
    ASIO / OSX Core for lantency

    For a beautifull audio experience as well


    Stand alone
    Dj software

    You get a wonderfull and easy integration in our own music environement


    Pitch ±6 % ±10 % ±16 % ±100 %
    Reverse play
    Filter – bass, mid and high frequences
    Delay – classic w/ tap
    Flanger – classic w/ tap
    Gain – analog and digital

    For a nice audio control and transformation

    Main Control

    Vinyl touch
    Cue points (x3)
    Loops A/B

    So you can scratch, mix, launch the sound


    RCA outputs
    MIDI outputs
    USB A & B ports

    You can transmit a good sound and use external devices

    Buttons and controls

    1 . Vinyl turntable controller
    2 . Button to start or stop playback
    4 . Linear pitch / Buttons pitch
    5 . Knobs of the extended pitch / musical range
    6 . Adjustment knob turntable
    7 . Buttons change automatic playback ( effect stop , rewind , forward
    back to tempo)
    8 . Buttons parameter file management (+Rotary knobs)
    9 . Selection buttons USB MIDI / Fashion / display information / manual programming buttons
    loops reading / programming buttons in the selection of files to read.
    10 . A display information relating to files .
    11 . Programming buttons Automatic loops reading / programming buttons
    and reading points to begin playback and loops.
    12 . Rotary knobs of audio effects parameter
    13 . Buttons adjusting lengths of playback loops .
    14 . Selection buttons audio effects and adjusting the value of the rate applicable on
    all effects and audio files related to the setting.
    15 . Buttons control forward or reverse playback.
    16 . Rotary potentiometers Volume, EQ, pan
    17 . Cross fader – ultra-short cut for the scratch
    18 . Hooking  » Strap lock  » -type system for strap or harness
    19 . Output terminals of the audio signal RCA unbalanced connectors
    20 . USB A and USB B for connecting external USB storage terminals and the
    connection with computers and DJ software.

    For a nice control when you deliver your own music experience on stage.


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Limited edition
Hand made in France




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