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Perform on stage in a brand new way and connect with your audience.
Innovate your Live performance and increase your creativity.
To be used in stand alone or integrated to computers, DAWs, or DJ softwares.

Swing gives you :

    •A position to be more harmonious with your audience
    •Power to innovate and increase your creativity

« Brilliant invention on stage » – DJ Nu Mark, real dj, Hip hop producer and member of Jurassic 5

Swing includes:

One of the 99 Swing Limited Numbered Edition

+ Lifetime Warranty

+ 1 T-shirt

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Description du Produit

Are you a turntablist or a real dj looking for the perfect instrument to show your skills, be more harmonious with your audience, innovate or increase your creativity on stage?
Here it is! Swing !




    A Performance machine for real djs, turntablists and controllerists.

    To be used in stand alone or integrated to computers, DAWs, or DJ softwares in order to control and transform the sound.

    Swing is an invention of use that gives you :

      •A position to be more harmonious with your audience
      •Power to innovate and increase your creativity


    The dj booth you can wear

    All-in-one player, mixer and controller.

    Lightweight, thin, in a cool and functional design, you have everything to control the sound and move easily on stage without being exhausted.

    With Swing you can reinvent your presence on stage and increase your creativity, giving you the chance to innovate and connect with your audience in a brand new way.




    Great materials great Technology

    Each device is unique, hand made in France by Kodh.
    +70 hours of construction and tests.

    The control of the audio is so nice, you can scratch, mix, launch sounds.
    You control!

    Beyond the desk

    With Swing you can show your skills for:

    •A better understanding for the audience.
    •A better connection with the crowd and yourself.
    •A great distinction during your live which is a key point in this modern music industry.

    Analog and digital together for the greatest

    Swing permits you to create music with audiofiles or sounds form a computer in particular by using a vinyl touch jog controller, wich means that you will never skip.

    It’s a high quality assembly (Denon, ALPS, Sparkfun…), with digital and analog boards for a beautifull sonic experience.

    The Guitar for Dj’s

    With its shift mind design you get a new spectrum of positions.
    You can stretch your expression and get freedom on stage.

    Limited Edition

    Only 99 units of the Swing will be produced.



SWING includes:





    General Design

    « Body » player-controller
    « Neck » mixer+EQ
    « Strap Locks » – Gold Security

    You have everything to control the sound and move easally on stage

    Dimensions and weight

    Dimension: 55cm x 31cm x 7cm.
    Weight: 3,9kg.

    The control of the Swing is easy and not exhausting

    Audio Standard

    High Audio Quality 44,1 kHz – 24bits
    Wav – (16bits), mp3 (8 to 320Kbps)
    ASIO / OSX Core for lantency

    For a beautifull audio experience as well


    Stand alone
    Dj software

    You get a wonderfull and easy integration in our own music environement


    Pitch ±6 % ±10 % ±16 % ±100 %
    Reverse play
    Filter – bass, mid and high frequences
    Delay – classic w/ tap
    Flanger – classic w/ tap
    Gain – analog and digital

    For a nice audio control and transformation

    Main Control

    Vinyl touch
    Cue points (x3)
    Loops A/B

    So you can scratch, mix, launch the sound


    RCA outputs
    MIDI outputs
    USB A & B ports

    You can transmit a good sound and use external devices

    Buttons and controls

    1 . Vinyl turntable controller
    2 . Button to start or stop playback
    4 . Linear pitch / Buttons pitch
    5 . Knobs of the extended pitch / musical range
    6 . Adjustment knob turntable
    7 . Buttons change automatic playback ( effect stop , rewind , forward
    back to tempo)
    8 . Buttons parameter file management (+Rotary knobs)
    9 . Selection buttons USB MIDI / Fashion / display information / manual programming buttons
    loops reading / programming buttons in the selection of files to read.
    10 . A display information relating to files .
    11 . Programming buttons Automatic loops reading / programming buttons
    and reading points to begin playback and loops.
    12 . Rotary knobs of audio effects parameter
    13 . Buttons adjusting lengths of playback loops .
    14 . Selection buttons audio effects and adjusting the value of the rate applicable on
    all effects and audio files related to the setting.
    15 . Buttons control forward or reverse playback.
    16 . Rotary potentiometers Volume, EQ, pan
    17 . Cross fader – ultra-short cut for the scratch
    18 . Hooking  » Strap lock  » -type system for strap or harness
    19 . Output terminals of the audio signal RCA unbalanced connectors
    20 . USB A and USB B for connecting external USB storage terminals and the
    connection with computers and DJ software.

    For a nice control when you deliver your own music experience on stage.

Delivery terms and Conditions

Payment is taken as soon as the order is received.
If for any reason we cannot fufill your order a full refund will be issued.

Cancellations are available for 7 days after your order by sending an Email – no questions.
Because your Swing is hand made, it takes 5 to 6 weeks to build it as soon as the payement is taken.
During the construction you will received a weekly mail of the work in progress.

Return policy
A little problem?

Just send us a message and we will gladly help you.
We’ll do an evaluation together to determine what’s the problem and we’ll find the right solution.

If the product has to be repaired and is repairable and if it is coverd by the product’s warranty policy, we’ll do it and the product will be returned (prepaid) to you.


What is covered under the Limited Lifetime warranty?

The warranty applies to domestic use only
and covers all parts and labor works for the parts of the assembly that would be considered defective.

The assembly corresponds to the mounting and the function test of your Swing

(It is composed by: the digital controller and audio player, the analog mixer board, its box, hanging system and the strap-locks)

After 2 years the warranty still covers deemed defective parts, as long as you own the product. You are responsible for works labor costs and return shipping costs

Please note that the electronics, are not covered under warranty


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