A performance machine for turntablists and real djs.
Increase your creativity, reinvent your presence on stage, innovate and connect with your audience in a brand new way.

SWING combines all the functions of modern turntables, mixers and controllers, but instead of being placed on a table, it’s light, and be worn over the shoulder as a guitar.

Swing gives you :


•A position to be more harmonious with your audience

•Power to innovate and increase your creativity






    Shift your mind.
    Get the Power to express your creativity, innovate, lead, connect all together, be yourself.

    Ben Andriamaïtso, creator of the Swing, known by many as KODH the first french world champion in the history of DJing (DMC Battle for World Supremacy 2000, ITF Advancement World Champion 2002).

    I am one of these creative and real Dj who believe that musical creativity should always be maximised and that interactions with the audience could be more harmonious.

    I also believe that music when it’s done right is a way to come true.

    Although I’ve been on successful tours in my career, I wish I had been closer to the audience and had more freedom to express myself.

    So I decided to create a portable instrument that allowed me to perform a real show and connect with the audience in a more intimate way.

    After months of hardwork and tests I had a first prototype ready to rock ! »

    Swing is not only a new instrument, it is an idea that brings music experience to the next level.




« Brilliant invention on stage »

Dj Nu-Mark
Real Dj, Hip hop producer and member of Jurassic 5


« Congratulations on a very interesting performance machine! »

Sam Gribben
Music technologist, ex-CEO at SERATO











    Premier @ Printemps de Bourges 2012

    Premier @ Printemps de Bourges 2012


Each Swing is unique with great materials, high technology, hand made in France.

The name « Swing » is a reference to the movement, the music rythm, and it’s an invitation to have fun just like when we were kids.

The first prototype was tested in april 2012 under the rain during the Printemps de Bourges festival in France.

In may 2012, Kodh dropped a video on Youtube generating lots of views, positive feedbacks and orders from Irland to Venezuela but at that time it wasn’t for sell it was only an artwork.

Then, Kodh had the desire to share the idea with the rest of the world. In the summer of 2014, Sam Gribben (music technologist, former-C.E.O. at Serato), introduced him to Dj Nu-Mark who loved the idea so Kodh developped the very first one for him.

Now, Swing is available to turntablists and real djs all over the world who desire to perform in a brand new way and make their own musical dreams come true.

Join the movement and play fresh, play different !